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Job advertisement: At the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano we will start a Master in Eco-Social Design (Glocal Design)* in the winter semester 2015/16. Therefor, we are looking for a specialist in “Modelling and Digital Fabrication”, who wants to engage in our project-oriented and multidisciplinary teaching model. Teaching languages can be English, German or Italian. The teaching will take place in Bozen-Bolzano during the winter semester 2015/16 (Oct-Jan; 30h lectures/seminar/workshops + 18h “tutoring”).

The official job offering is published here. Deadline: 14.05.2015. If you have any questions or need help to understand the bureaucratic procedure, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us

Modelling and digital Fabrication

The course Modeling and digital Fabrication teaches methods and instruments of 3D modelling of Rapid Prototyping and of Digital Fabrication. The experimental and kreative application of these technologies and methods in design project is important.

Transdisciplinary design projects play the central role the study model of the MA. Students are developing them with great autonomy related to the yearly theme (which could be “Food”, “Demographic Change”, “Tourism” or other broad topics). A part of the teaching in Modeling and digital Fabrication consists in the discussion of the ongoing projects from the perspective of the field. Another part are seminars and lectures.

Modelling und Digitale Fabrikation

Im Fach „Modelling und Digitale Fabrikation“ werden Methoden und Techniken des 3D-Modelling, des Rapid Prototyping und der Digitalen Fabrikation vermittelt. Zentral dabei ist die experimentelle und kreative Anwendung dieser Techniken und Methoden in Designprojekten.

Im Mittelpunkt der Lehre im Master steht die Entwicklung von transdiziplinären Designprojekten, an denen die  Studierenden arbeiten und dabei jeweils auf das übergeordnete und offen gehaltene Jahresthema Bezug nehmen (beispielsweise “Essen”, “Tourismus”, “Demografischer Wandel”, etc.). Ein Teil der Lehre im Fach “Modelling und Digitale Fabrikation” besteht aus der Diskussion der laufenden Projektarbeiten aus Sicht des Faches, ein anderer Teil aus Seminaren und Vorlesungen.

Design e fabbricazione digitale

l’insegnamento “Design e fabbricazione digitale” trasmette metodi e tecniche della modellazione 3D, del rapid-prototyping e della digital fabrication. È di grande importanza l’applicazione sperimentale e creativa di queste tecniche e metodi nei progetti di design.

Fulcro dell’insegnamento nella laurea magistrale è lo sviluppo di progetti di design transdisciplinari, ai quali lavorano gli studenti tenendo in considerazione il tema annuale preposto e di ampio respiro (ad esempio “mangiare”, “turismo”, “cambiamento demografico”). Una parte dell’insegnamento della materia “Moderazione e partecipazione” è formata dalla discussione dei lavori di progetto correnti dal punto di vista della materia, un’altra parte da seminari e lezioni.

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