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By Design or by Disaster 2016, 2-7 May @ unibz

Please visit the conference site for more up-to-date information:


I am happy to announce another issue of our conference series tackling Eco-Social Design. The focus of this years conference is ESSEN / ALIMENTARE / FOOD = also the annual topic of the Master in Eco-Social Design. We will have talks and workshops with Ezio Manzini, Christa Müller, OPEN STATE / POC21, Alastair Fuad-Luke and several other people engaging in developments and design for a livable future. The students of the Master will expose their works and do interventions.

More details to come. Stay up-to-date via our propaganda FB page, a lousy twitter account and the rare newsletter:

HIRING: PRODUCT DESIGNER as Teacher & Researcher (closed)

We are looking for a designer, who wants to engage in eco-social issues by the means of product design, as a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen.

Deadline: December 7. Find the official call here in English, there in Italian and on that page in German language. In case you have trouble understanding the bureaucratic language and the procedure, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

You will do “research by design” in projects, where design acts as a catalyst of eco-social transformations. This correlates to the foreseen teaching of “Design & Materials” and of “Design & Production” in the Master in Eco-Social Design.

Eco-Social Design involves a multitude of actors and factors, and is undoubtedly challenging. Therefore, we collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, and with a diversity of partners – and we enjoy it. We expect the same openness and engagement from the candidates. A PhD is a plus, but not required. More importance is given to the portfolio. Unconventional styles and autonomous thinking are appreciated. Additional competences in related fields are welcome, too, for example in design research, in crafts, maker culture and technologies, in engineering, environmental sciences or social sciences, in design activism and/or active citizenship.

The position is full time and comes with a 3-years contract. Interested? Please get in contact with us.

Presentation of MA Eco-Social Design & more

Wednesday, 14.10.2015 | unibz 4th floor in building F

14:00-17:00 Introduction to the Master in Eco-Social Design & presentations by all teachers of the winter semester 2015, and their relation to the annual topic /ESSEN/ALIMENTARE/FOOD/ with Prof. em. Adelheid Biesecker, Eco-Social Economics | Lisa Borgenheimer, Information Desig | Kris Krois, Visual Communication | Giorgio Laboratore, Design & Materials | Alvise Mattozzi, Sociology | Kuno Prey, Product Design | Werner Stefano Villa, Design & Digital Fabrication | Sabina Frei, Moderation and Participation (PDF)

The afternoon is composed by frontal presentations. While on Thursday morning a interactive workshop takes place, which is open for all teachers and students of the Master and on request (during the public event on Wednesday).

19:00 Brindisi / Tanz den Master

Full program (Public Google Doc)

Teach Product Design in MA Eco-Social Design (closed)

We are looking for a designer, who likes to engage in eco-social issues by the means of product design with particular attention on the fields of materials and production.

Deadline: August 26, 12:00 (UTC+01:00)

Find the official call here in german and there in italian (on the page search for “Design und Materialien” respectively “Design e materiali”; no english version available). Teaching can be done in ether english, german or itailan. In case you have trouble understanding the language of the call or the procedure, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

You will teach at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano in the Master in Eco-Social Design in the winter semester 2015/16, starting in October 2015, ending end if January 2016.

Send your application until August 26. If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Watch & read Eco-Social Design according to Ezio Manzini

The talk of Ezio Manzini on Design for Social Innovation organized by the MICA’s Center for Social Design impressed me. Manzini is making an effort in connecting the dots. For me he succeeded in narrating a complex field in an concise and compact way, without oversimplification.

Now i am reading his book Design, When Everybody Designs. An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation. He is concentrating on citizens efforts in creating sustainable ways to produce, to consume, to collaborate, to co-design, or generally to get organized to approach shared problems and satisfy needs. And he discusses and shows what the “expert designer” can do in all this. As in his lecture he draws together many things, and connects them in a way that makes sense using his map of the field.

design for social innovation

Obviously in the book he has more time and space to go deeper and, above all, also to get into many exemplary cases. As far as i can say for now he is not addressing political, macroeconomic and institutional aspects. If you want to know more on those things, i recommend to read “Transformationsdesign. Wege in eine zukunftsfähige Moderne” von Harald Welzer und Bernd Sommer. I presented it on this blog together with two other excellent books on Eco-Social Design (“To Do: Die neue Rolle der Gestaltung in einer veränderten Welt” by Florian Pfeffer zusammen and “Tools for the Design Revolution. A handbook for sustainable design strategies“ by Institute of Design Research Vienna). Those four books, with their difference in background, focus, language and style complete each other very well. At the same time they seam to be based on more or less the same values and to share similar overall aims.

MA Eco-Social Design starts on October. Apply until 8 July

MA_Eco-Social-Design_blogapply now or never — at least not this year. And help to spread the message to interested people and parties.

Read more about the Master in Eco-Social Design on its web page, the latest newsletter,  get updates and spread via FB + twitter.

Sustainable Greetings

Kris >< Krois