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14.10.2014 19:00 | Ser F0.03 | BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER TALK #6

DESIGNING FOR A POST-INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY: Collective Intelligence, Social Innovation and New Technologies

Industry is living an historical shift of its role in society and production through the admittance of the new technologies. Along the crisis of industry, knowledge and creativity come to be a primary force capable of generating value and innovation. The new technological revolution is questioning the way we produce, manufacture, distribute and fund everything, from small to big objects we deal with in our everyday lives. The process of digitalization is opening new challenges but also opportunities for rethinking what and the way we produce towards a society which is more environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and democratic.
The new generations of designers have come to terms with deindustrialization, while experiencing a special space for self-organization and then revealing new open and collaborative forms of production. The outcome from such collective and grassrooted activity is social innovation, which is mobilizing an ubiquitous collective and creative intelligence directed towards the solution to real, local and social problems.


Interesting questions / statements

What is the relationship between collective intelligence and the design action?
What is the role of the Designer in a society where everybody design?
What are the opportunities for social innovation and sustainability along with the emergence of new technologies and the change in industry?