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By Design or by Disaster TALK: 09.06.2015 19:00 | unibz | F0.03

nanotouristic strategies / redefining the museum as a participatory platform for exchange: the pioneering experience of BIO50}hotel

nanotourism is a platform to research and produce participatory, locally-oriented, non-intrusive strategies as an alternative to the current environmental, social and economic problems of the booming tourism industries.

An international team of experts undertook the research, establishing open source models of nanotourism (case studies) awarded with the highest honour at BIO50 – 24th Biennial of Design of Ljubljana curated by Jan Boelen, and further developed though several platforms including the AA Visiting School in Slovenia.

BIO50}hotel, one of the nanotourism’s pioneering case studies, establishes a temporary exhibition hotel model in which the users/guests become an active part of the exhibition thus redefining it as a platform for cultural exchange.


Interesting questions / statements

– participatory experiences vs cultural consumers

– what is the role of a museum nowadays?

– design as a matter of changing habits?

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