Inglorious Food

Everyday, tons of fruits and vegetables (as well as men and women) get thrown away just because of their being, well, ugly. This is quite said, must have thought Intermarché, a general commercial supermarket based in France. To do something against this injustice, they decided to sell the non-calibrated and ...

Il cibo bio sbarca nei distributori automatici


Wright Kitchen, a young photographer based in Seattle USA, loves cooking and art in a contemporary way. In her last work, food gradients, she enjoys dividing her food in ordered categories of colour, and photographing the result.  

Food is in the air

If you are italian and passionate about food, there is good news for you, since a radio completely dedicated to it has just seen light. It is called Radio Italian Chef Academy, it is based in Rome, and it transmits about everything related to food, from recipes to heath tips....

The first home restaurant in the world

Grandma Leonilda, (96 years, in the picture) decided to transform her home in a restaurant open to the public. The inauguration dinner was a success: 350 people were present. via

Banco Alimentare is just good

I really like Banco Alimentare for their simple yet revolutionary approach to the issue of overproduction. What they do is they collect refuse from supermarkets and they give it to who needs it. Nobody knows anything about them, and nobody cares. I see this as an example of good design, while ...

Trip inside my favourite burger

I love Burger King. They are always so nice with me. My favourite hamburger is the Steakhouse. Fresh beef grilled on high heat, tasty roasted onions, crispy bacon, tasty BBQ sauce and fresh tomatoes and salad. I love the Steakhouse. Today I ...

Organic makes the difference

Check this video at 16:25 (21:16 to go straight to the point). You will meet a normal clod of earth and her organically grown twin. Wow! Organic farming makes difference. A huge one. A difference comparable to the one between a ...

Bees 1 – Mankind 0

As I see it, bees solved the problem of architecture way before we were able to light a fire. Here's why in 2D and in 3D, wonderfully explained by the Moody Institute of Science.

Extra virgin olive scam

Do you like the green and flavourish bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil you can get at the supermarket for 5€? Lucky you! As The New York Times reported in january, many of the aforementioned bottles have little ...

Pietro Barilla’s ads form part of your brain

In this documentary broadcasted by La Storia siamo noi, they explain how working class hero Pietro Barilla's advertising for pasta accompaigned Italian anthropological evolution between 1958 and 2013. The documentary is in Italian.

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