Here an interesting project by a colleague from Eindhoven

GENESIS – Sebastiao Salgado

Masterpiece of photography This project aims at finding the origins of the world again by discovering populations, animals and worlds which escaped the contemporary world.


Web Site

Did someone say BEER?

Here an interesting post about the problems of Beer (in Italian).

Wanna do something COOL with a Glass Bottle?

This is a post with very interesting ideas about how to reuse glass bottles. Great idea for the House Here we go!

Carne di grano

Qui un interessante esempio di alternativa al consumo di carne. Il consumo di carne vegetale verrà adottato in modo diffuso in un prossimo futuro?  

Banana Wall

A great example of Graphic linked to Food, a project by Stefan Sagmeister. Here further information about the project.

How to overcome Chocolate Addiction

A lot of us would find this post pretty necessary. It seems a little to serious but just take it in an hilarious way!  

Pukka Tea – Beautiful Graphic Packaging

Here a great idea of a good product: Pukka Organic Tea! Pukka products bio Tea, it tastes intense and it is wrapped up in beautiful designed paper boxes.

Smacafam – Recipes from Trentino Alto Adige

SOMETHING TRADITIONAL  To try! Lo smacafam è un piatto tipico della cucina trentina legato al Carnevale. L'origine del termine ("smaca"= picchia con forza e "fam" = fame) si riferisce alla capacità di placare l'appetito. È un tipo di torta salata da consumare calda. Si tratta di una pietanza, come suggerito dal nome, piuttosto pesante, è ...

The Problem Of Palm Oil

An interesting article in Italian that gives a background of the actual situation of the production of Palm Oil. IS IT REALLY NECESSARY?

ReUse Tea Bags

This is an interesting web site where to find smart ways to reuse Tea Bags. They are great scrubs for skin! TO TRY! website --> video -->

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