How sugar affects the brain

really nice description and the graphic is well done. english language

Möhre, Hühnchen, Kuchenteig. Das gesunde Mach- und Sachbuch für kleine Köche

found on design made in germany

veggi day stuttgart

  found on design made in germany

Burgers & Hip Hop – Identity

found on design made in germany

new kind of cafe

found on pinterest

man showes how he slaughtes his pig

A couple bought a farm to grow their own vegetables. Later on they got pigs. In this two videos on this page the man shows how he slaughts his pigs.

mc donald’s is going down

this video is about image, a new concept, numbers and the change by the costumer

wasser ist kostbar


iss dich glücklich

the connection between menthal health and food.

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