Milk Factory


Getting milk directly from the cow’s udder to reconnect with nature is our vision of the future for dairy products. Changing people’s habits, however, requires consumers to relearn forgotten pleasures, such as rediscovering the real taste of milk, the kind that comes directly from the cow’s udder: raw milk.

The “Milk Cow” project aims to reconnect consumers with producers to short-circuit the production process and return to the real taste of natural products. In an age when we are used to shopping in supermarkets, this return to basics imagines a new scenario of consumption and products.
5.5 Designers designed a milk dispenser (The Domestic Cow) and a small container (The Milking Glass). A fusion of two basics of umpteen past generations – the milk jug and milk urn – reminds us that before becoming an industrial product, milk is the product of a living animal. It encourages us to go meet producers and create new social links.
The project from french design studio was made for Milk Factory, a culinary creative lab run by the French dairy interbranch organization.

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