FORMcard bioplastic

Peter marigold has developed “FORMcard” – a bioplastic capable of fixing and modifying any kind of object.launched on kickstarter, the pocket-sized meltable cards change their state simply by being placed in a cup of hot water, whereby the reaction causes them to fuse with other materials — ideal for situations when something breaks and needs a quick fix, but also when creating new products.


FORMcards are reusable, so when you’re finished with something you’ve made, or temporarily repaired, the material can be melted back down into its original shape — strong as nylon, and not rubbery — making them suitable for long lasting situations. FORMcards are made from a starch-based bioplastic that is totally non-toxic. marigold’s team worked closely with a chemical company, moulders and even the colorant suppliers — even to go as far as rejecting the use of universal pigments which contain styrenes in favour of powder pigments — to come conceive a product that is practical and durable, over the course of time.


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