Concept Presentation #1

Present in max. 10 min. your ROUGH CONCEPT. Use slides. Come quickly to the point(s). Make it essential, concise and attractive. And present as if the audience would know (almost) nothing.

POINTS to get clear:

  1. WHAT is the CORE IDEA?

  2. WHO makes it happen?

    involved actors / partners / …
    & what are their MOTIVATIONS & BENEFITS?

  3. WHO is it for?

    participants / consumers / audience / …
    & what are their MOTIVATIONS & BENEFITS?


  5. What is MISSING?

    knowledge, skills, tools, services, partners, …

  6. Any DOUBTS?

  7. What are NEXT STEPS?

  8. What do YOU really WANT?

  9. Give it a NAME

SHOW things, wherever possible (“seeing is believing”; use sketches, schemes, images, works of others / references, …)



Learning for Silicon Valley (not the values, but the tools & methods). Even if the style is not your cup of tea, watch the complete video. There is something to learn.

And now make your One-Sentence Pitch. Use this scheme (vary as needed):

“My project, … (name) … , is developing … (a defined offering) … together with … (defined actors) … to enable … (defined consumers/participants) … (overcome defined problems / benefiting specifically) … by … (a secret sauce)”

Include your One-Sentence Pitch in the presentation. Learn more about it here.

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