Gardening Out of the Box

Mini project | to be finished and presented in the week of November 23rd

PROJECT’S OBJECTIVE The aim of the project is to design a system of garden-boxes for urban spaces that can be prototyped and placed in the University’s courtyard. A garden-box is a structure to grow fruit and/or vegetables away from the fields.

MORE THAN A BOX A garden-boxes system can be used also to decorate a public space (like flowerbed in a square), can be used for didactic purposes (from primary school lessons to vegan food tasting) or also to create a space for socialise and relax (like a space to eat mensa’s meal or to spend an evening with friends). These are just few example about creative approach to the garden-box design.

TECHNICAL ISSUES These garden-boxes will host different kinds of fruit and vegetables according to the basics of permaculture. So the design of the system must pay attention to all the technical requirements that make a garden work well to grow fruit and vegetables (such as watering, draining, soil change, sun exposition, soil oxygenation etc.). Their maintenance will be provided by non-expert users so it will be easy to understand with provided infographic and user friendly tools.

As every good design project this will go trough this steps:

1.CONCEPT everyone of you will present a conceptual idea of the project showing references and first sketches (it’s about how we want the system to work).

2.DEVELOPMENT everyone of you will design the garden-box and all other optional accessories developing all the aspect related to dimensions and technical issues (you will decide dimensions, materials and do some technical drawing etc.)

3.PRESENTATION everyone of you will arrange a presentation of the project for the deadline (23rd Nov) providing all the material to present the project like printed boards scale mokup or other models.

To help sharing research and references I created a Pinterest board and invited all the garden designers to post here

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