The master starts from Milan, World

On Monday the 5th of October 2015 the new Master in Eco-Social Design will officially start.

Students and teachers will inaugurate the Academic Year with an excursion to the Expo and to TerraMadreGiovani-WeFeedthePlanet (
This excursion is a way to get promptly involved in our design oriented hands on reflection on food.
We will get in contact with what happens at global level, in order to work then with knowledge from a local perspective.
During the three days excursion, we will learn about worldwide small agricultural alternatives and we will produce a critical map of the Expo.

We will leave on the morning of the 5th from Bozen and in the afternoon we will visit TerraMadreGiovani-WeFeedthePlanet.
The next two days we will be at the Expo were we will have also the opportunity to meet again with the young farmers of TerraMadreGiovani. On Wednesday, we will sketch our Expo critical map, to be finished in Bozen.
We will be back in Bozen on Wednesday the 7th of October night.

A detailed program is coming.milano-expo

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