Kathrin Böhm & Doina Petrescu

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Glocal Design Spring 2015 | talk: 27.3. 17:35 | workshop 28.3. 10:00 – 19:00

Local production and Trans-local dissemination

In her presentation together with Doina Petrescu Kathrin Böhm will be presenting two projects (Eco Nomadic School and International Village Shop) which address collective local production and are linked through pan-national and trans-cultural connections to the Colombes based r-Urban project by aaa.
Both projects have grown out of collective and collaborative efforts and programmes to link specific local research, activities and knowledge to other local projects.
The Eco Nomadic School and International Village Show facilitate a trans-local exchange and dissemination with specific local projects and locally produced goods and knowledge. Kathrin will describe and illustrate the methodologies and cultures of exchange within both projects, with a focus on the strategies both projects pursue in order to keep them accessible to a broad range of co-producers and users.


Interesting questions / statements

I am an artist with an interest in architecture and economy as two realms where our sense of the possible societal and commoning is shaped through everyday activities. Even though I work and present myself as an artist, I prefer to think of myself as a builder or a dealer who acts within and across everyday situations and whose work is set out to extend collective practices of spatial and economical production, whilst lacking a professionally inherited desire to make a building or to profit financially.

I often remember following statement from a recent presentation by Paul Roncken which was roughly : “our own professions might be the biggest hinderance of actual change”.

Statement 03 is an image of a glass half-full