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18.3.2014 19:00 | Ser F0.03 | BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER TALKS

Discrete Farms

In the course of an artistic partnership of more than twenty years, we have repeatedly examined the relationships between human beings, animals and machines. The constructions behind the distinctions between human and non-human agents, and equally between domestic animals and ones used for human benefit, provided the starting point for a major project we developed in 2012 at the Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst in Oldenburg, a city that is situated in the heartland of industrial livestock farming in Germany. The research for that previous project called for closer examination of the discourses current in the still young field of human-animal studies.
Supplemented by a brief overview of related works, we will investigate this topic – from a historical perspective as well.



Interesting questions / statements

Are we trapped in the cybernetic paradigm?

What prevents us from transferring theoretical Insights into daily life practice?

Non human animals are also just human animals.