Christa Müller

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Glocal Design Spring 2015 | 27.3. | 14:30

The DIY-Movement: an aesthetic and ecological recommencement?

The subtle loss of self-determination, experiences of alienation, standardized „Lebenswelten“, commodification of nearly all social subsystems: the status of consumption has become hegemonic. And, of course, it produces various cultures of resistance. Ultimately these cultures arise right in the middle of urban areas. Informal actors are experimenting with informal design concepts reclaiming the cities and the public spaces. Self-built laboratories such as urban community gardens, open labs or intelligent social design concepts for refugee problems are increasing from bottom up. In these experimental areas we observe the search for appropriate ways of dealing with new problems that market and state as allocation instances cannot provide anymore.


Interesting questions / statements

Do we find in the Do-it-yourself-movement an aesthetic and ecological recommencement?

How can we protect revitalized urban spaces from commercialization and gentrification ?

What do we need design for?