Timothy Robb


Title of my Sketchbook :
Grid memories

Sketchbook abstract :
Grid memories

Grid memories because things are always remembered, by people, cultures and even by cities. First, there are memories in the way that the city grew, starting in the well-​known, organic manner of most european cities with a rich history, then in the strange mixture of the Eixample’s rigid grid structure and the natural progression of changing architecture. Then, there are memories of my trip to and through Barcelona, sometimes poorly reconstructed by my sketches, or by frottage, but mostly through serigraphy, a technique in which color is pressed though a “quadrícula” (Catalan for “grid”) of threads to create a graphic. Finally, there are memories that are not mine, memories of rituals and customs, of human towers and shit for christmas, and old sport festivities from 80 years ago. This book is made for people with a functioning hippocampus.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Timothy Robb — Grid memories