Clubbing Party with Transart

September 21, Midnight

Bahnhofsremise / Officine FS
Bolzano, Schlachthofstr. 24 / Via Macello 24


Dj Boma (Italy)
One of the best known exponents of the electro scene in South Tyrol, and one of the most famous artists of the region’s nightlife, Dj Boma has started playing in 2005. Fond since many years of electro music, Boma usually combines the latter with the energy and technical approach of hip hop. During his performances, he also mixes fidged house, dubstep and rock music to make people dance.

Crono (Italy)
This new name from the underground scene of Milan is still enshrouded in the cloud of mistery. Crono’s performance at the clubbing party organised for the Unibz Design Festival 2012 will be truely a première. To date, few information has leaked, but Crono’s connection with the French label Correspondant guarantees for the high quality of his music.

Event design
Event design by Marco Ciceri and Philip Santa, students from the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano. Also known as Super Droooper, Marco and Philip will design the space of the event, using lights and animations that will be projected into the space of the station depot (Bahnhofsremise / Officine FS). In their installation they will use transport vehicles to investigate the concept of ‘Learning’.

This event is organised in collaboration with Transart.

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