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Learning & Design:
Sophie Krier

A kind of third space, this is what Learning is for Sophie Krier: ‘A space of generosity driven by the trust and curiosity of those who inhabit it. Learning is similar in some ways to slack line walking – it takes a certain boldness mixed with carefulness and alertness to the world around you.’
As Sophie wrote in her “Notes,” part of her Field Essays 0 (Onomatopee, 2010), ‘originating from the world of circus, slack lining – in contrast to tight rope walking – involves a loosely tied rope, not very high above floor level, on which the acrobat balances; I will try it out for myself soon. Whether I manage or not, I expect to find in this bodily
experiment a potentially fruitful attitude towards dealing with form: an attitude of approximation and adaptation, and of continuous hierarchisation (regauging) of form (as opposed to aiming for a final, fixed hierarchy).’