Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to the very short climbs over a crash pad. Since this sport focuses on individual moves and short sequences of moves, sometimes it is pretty hard to find a solution how to climb the boulder route. Sometimes you miss some holds, that might be necessary for sending the route, sometimes the moves seems to be impossible, sometimes the using techniques are just wrong. I concentrated on this problem and decided to create the application that would help to orientate on rock while bouldering as well as create connections between people of bouldering community and share their experiences with each other.

The essential part of my project was to use videos for explanations. FlashBould is location-based application. Using you camera you can browse through videos, that were taken on your location point, as well as shoot, edit and upload your own videos. You can also leave comments and add your ascents.

Understanding climbing techniques and knowing how to use them correctly is essential in bouldering. For this reason I designed Icons that indicate different climbing techniques and movements. The Icons can be added on video to help people understand the boulder route better.

The name FlashBould is an union of two words: Flash and Bouldering. The term Flash in climbing means that the route was successfully and cleanly complete on the first attempt after having received beta of some form.


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