Stereotype and Authenticity

More than 5 million of people visit South Tyrol every year, which means about ten tourists per citizen in the region. It is a nomadic population which makes up of the economy of the region.

I treated the topic with remarkable irony based on two main concept of stereotype and authenticity.

These two concept are strictly connected since the national identity and its symbols is what makes us feel proud but also ashamed depending on the context.

The two posters I made represent Italians and Germans, which are the two main visitors in South Tyrol with about 2,4 Million people per years. The posters tell something about these nationalities which is exactly hated and beloved, the fact that Italians eat only pizza and spaghetti (and in fact food play a remarkable role in deciding if an holiday was perfect) and on the other the data about the reimbursement to which Germans are entitled for shortcomings in Hotels (yes, Germans are very precise and want to be sure when they make a choice).

The third work is about photography, which is a mean especially used by tourists. I made an application on Processing which through a search on (a photography based social network) creates a cluster of images based on a keyword.

The application, transform also the pictures into pixels (4×4) in order to give an overall impression of the place, generated only by the colors.

Obviously the colors can match with our expectations, or on the contrary, being something totally different. This differentiated results I wanted to communicate the distorted vision which we have on touristic places as well as suggest that a place could be much more interesting than what we think it is.


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