Bolzano`s Students


During the semester I focused on the students of our university. Mainly I concentrated on the students nationalities. My work visualizes which nationalities are represented in each faculty.


The first project included a poster of 70 cm to 100 cm.

I used circle areas to compare the amount of students, which are the number of students by 10mm. Grey circles show Italian students whereof the dark grey ones represent the South Tyrolean students. Students from abroad are coloured in white.


The second project included a object which visualizes data.

My canvas deals with the students from abroad. The centre is a stitched circle consisting out of a line for each student in 5 different colours for 5 faculties. The outer circle shows a line for each nationality represented in each of the 5 faculties.


Finally I worked on processing.

An interactive world map with marked countries shows where students are coming from. Through mouse click the information about each marked country is written on the bottom of the world map. In addition the proportions are shown through 5 circles for 5 faculties.

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