Laura Quarto and me have been working together in this project. Our idea involves the analysis of life of the elderly over 85 in South Tyrol. The purpose is to highlight how these people live their days, how they spend their spare time. The rhythms that possess over 24 hours and the activities solitary or with friends.

      The infographics wants to rapresent in a systematic way the actions of the old people during 24 hours, therefore the shape is a clock.  

The scarf a garment traditionally done by hand. The object has not been concluded to give the concept of work in pregress. Each color correspond to a specific action.





The idea of this project, was to visualize the journey of ancient people trough the object symbolizind them: the walking stick. The cane is divided into for parts: sleep, meals, activities and sparetime, we followed the same partition we used for the posters and the video. The stick is 1 meter long and subdivided into 24 sections. (representing the 24 hours of one day)  onto which sticks of different leanght are positioned. Every lenght corrisponds to a percentage (the bigger the percentage, the longer the stick) that stays for the quantity of people doing a precise action in a determined moment. For example, 85% of the ancient people wake up at 6: the stick is positioned on the “wakeup axes” and exactly on the 6am section.

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