Physical Computing / Introduction II

    The Design Of Everyday Things, Donald A. Norman, 1990
    Thoughtful Interaction Design, Jonas Loewgren, Erik Stolterman, 2004
    Designing Interactions, Bill Moggridge, 2006
    Inventing The Medium, Janet H. Murray, 2011
    Pre-Handshake Glove, Dominic Wilcox, 2010
    Augmented Shadow, Joon Y. Moon, 2011
    Delicate Boundaries, Chris Sugrue, 2007
    Body Paint, Memo Akten, 2010
    One Day Poem Pavillion, Jiyeon Song, 2007
    Portrait Machine, Theo Watson, 2009
    Future Of Self-Banking, IDEO, 2010
    Shadow Monsters, Phil Worthington, 2005
    Talk to Me, Exhibition at MoMA NY, 2011

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