April, 2011

Apr 11

Work in progress…

The students are working on their personal projects.


Apr 11

Telling a Story

An important part of communication design is it to tell a story. With data visualization becoming a more and more important field the question raises of how to tell stories with data? Looking at the development of film and cinema it seems that we are in data visualization at the same point as the first works of moving images of Eadward Muybridge, Ottomar Anschütz, Auguste and Louis Lumière, Thomas Edison and others were. Then, at the end of the 19th century, movement was the central part and often the only motif for a film and it mostly didn’t matter what moved on the canvas.

Apr 11

Layout & Grids

Two presentations are dedicated to the development of layouts and grids in printed matter.


Apr 11

Visualizing Photographic Data

In this workshop we will introduce the processing environment in order to visualize information from photographic material. This means that we will look at static and moving images from a quantitative point of view rather then a singular. Goal is it to see the bigger picture.
[Source of the used material: youtube]

Micro / Macro view

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