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Master in Eco-Social Design | WS15/16

Information Design

Information Design is a process-orientated design discipline, which aims to visualize data, structure complex
issues and share knowledge with users. Informationdesign is published on analog and digital media and can be used in a static or interactive way. Three basic visualizations divide the huge field of informationdesign: object-graphic, data-graphic, spatialgraphic and contain different visualization aspects.
Shortlist of the teaching topics: Basics and aspects of information design, iconography and semantics, narrative structures and story telling, different visualizations, analog and digital design.


Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady: The Information Design Handbook; North Light Books, 2008
Alberto Cairo: The Functional Art (Voices that Matter); Pearson Education (US), 2012
Edward R. Tufte: Envisioning Information; Graphics Press, 1990 (first Edition)

Interesting questions / statements

The economic system in the industrialised capitalistic countries including the way of producing and consuming food is not sustainable.

Why do we buy which food – what are our action principles?

What are the impediments for a change towards a (food-)lifestyle which fits to the regenerative processes of nature – and which enables a fair price for the producers?