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Master in Eco-Social Design | WS15/16

Design & Materials

The course will be a journey trough production, transformation and
consumption of materials, in order to understand how to work in
one of more of these steps of products lifecycle. During the
course we will explore materials, analysing technical features and
aesthetic potential expressed in design projects for industry and
crafts, with a focus on environmental and social implications.


“Manufacturing Processes for design Professionals”, Rob Thompson(2007)
“Progetto Cibo: la forma del gusto”, Mart(2013)
“Da cosa nasce cosa”, Bruno Munari(1981)

Interesting questions / statements

“To convince six billion people to change lifestyle, it takes
seduction, not sacrifice.”
-Bruce Mau
“I am a friend of uncertain people, perplexed, modestly trying to
understand and that are always in the state of one who did not
understand. I’m a good friend of the people who is afraid”
-Ettore Sottsass
“Tree: The slow explosion of a seed.”
-Bruno Munari