Learning more about education with Franco Lorenzoni

We spent two amusing days in the Umbrian countryside, more specifically in Giove in the “Cenci casa-laboratorio” and we got in touch with nature and education. Here is a spontaneous and deep interview with Franco Lorenzoni.

Franco Lorenzoni is a revolutionary primary school teacher. In 1969 he took part in many demonstrations because he wished to change the world, but eventually he did not manage, though at least he found an alternative method of teaching. He hates the common way of teaching students, using books, frontal lessons and the structure of a traditional classrooms. Thanks to the simplicity of his method and to his love for Greek mythology, nature and art he helps students to think, to discover and learn subjects such as Maths, Geometry, and Geography. In his book entitled “I bambini pensano grande. Cronaca di un’avventura pedagogica” he especially stimulates the discovery of the little things.