Marianna Carazzai


Title of my Sketchbook :
Barcelona style

Sketchbook abstract :
Barcelona style

Ancient cathedrals and modern stadiums. Fanciful mosaics and geometric skyscrapers. Tradition and multiculturalism. Can all this live in the same city ? In Barcelona they can. Lively and cheerful, Barcelona mixes different styles together, creating its own identity. The city is full of decorations and patterns everywhere, on the roads, in the buildings, fashion and food. Its unique style is relaxed, eccentric, colorful, imprecise. Even if you have a different character, it is impossible not to get carried away ! Barcelona, however, has a dark side, which forms its deepest identity. For those who didn’t live through the same experiences is impossible to understand. We can only catch a glimpse to their true reality.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Marianna Carazzai — Barcelona style