Anita Poltronieri


Title of my Sketchbook :
Greetings from Barcelona

Sketchbook abstract :
Greetings from Barcelona

A sketchbook that collects research and conceptual developments regarding the project RE.SET BCN, which was about interacting with an architectural installation concerning the topic of Memory, set in Barcelona for the commemoration of 300 years of Catalunya. My sketchbook reflects upon the topic of Memory related to the identity of Barcelona and Catalunya. As I didn’t want to focus on Barcelona’s common traditions and stereotypes, I concentrated myself on individual memory, which derives from the individual experience of each member of a group. Through the idea of postcard as classic medium to exchange personal memories. The techniques used in the sketchbook are : collage, nitro frottage, letterpress, serigraphy, hand-​sketching and light-​table drawing. My project is addressed to everyone who has memories to exchange.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Anita Poltronieri — Greetings from Barcelona