Hydrology and geomorphology (WP1)

Work package 1 – Analyzing the physical drivers of ecosystem changes: hydrology, geomorphology

This study investigates the present and future hydrological processes in the Saldur basin by means of field methods  and distributed hydrological modelling. The aim is to investigate the effects of climate change influencing glacier and snow dynamics on catchment hydrology in high-elevation watersheds.

This work packages intends to answer the following questions:

  • What are the main runoff components in the Saldur stream at different spatial and temporal scales? How does the contribution of rain water, snow and ice vary during warm weather conditions with daily melt cycles and during storm events?
  • How can tracer-based field methods be integrated to improve hydrological modelling for future catchment scenarios?

Our research within this work packages is of great importance to understand the impacts of global warming on the hydrological cycle on the local scale. Quantifying these impacts on the sources of freshwater such as snow and glacier melt is crucial for the availability of freshwater used in local agriculture.